Lansing Roofing Contractor

Evert Construction

Evert Construction has been serving the roofing needs of the communities of Greater Lansing Michigan, and surrounding city’s, for over 25 years.

As a Roofing Contractor, our focus on a high quality of service has always been the central pillar of our business philosophy, and has helped us to retain our customer’s loyalty. Our goal is to exceed your expectations.

Our Residential Roofing Contractor Services:

~ Tear Offs
~ Re-roofs
~ Repairs
~ Flashing
~ Coatings
~ Gutters and downspouts
~ Siding – vinyl and aluminum
~ Windows
~ Ice guard
~ Ice melt cables
~ Ventilation system consultation
~ Carpentry work
~ Slate – new roofs and repairs
~ Tile – new roofs and repairs
~ Wood shake repairs
~ Wood shingle repairs
~ Skylights
~ Ventilation – new and additional
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